Band Booster Board

President: Bobbie Combs

Vice-President: Ami Czorapinski

Treasurer:  Kim Berry 

Secretary: Dawn Wackowski &

                   Sarah Howard

Band Director: Kim Mogensen

Welcome to the Kent Island High School's Music Program for the 2019-2020 school year.  It is with great excitement that we begin this year with great opportunities for you and your music student.  The musical experience will be seen in the form of musical ability, showmanship, leadership, and a rapport of camaraderie among the students that displays respect and confidence for one another.    

This year we would like to welcome the new students and parents to the Boosters and the Board that work in partnership with the Band Director, Ms. Kim Mogensen.  We would also like to welcome the existing Booster members and reconnect for another rewarding year of your generous contributions to the music program. The generosity has come in many forms over the years and can be seen as:  time that is spent in the football stadiums, band room, concert hall and on the side of the road during parades, supporting the students as they fundraise for the programs much needed equipment, instruments, music, banquets, awards, and scholarships and the greatly appreciated contribution of drinks and snacks during marching band camp.  Without your donations and time we would not be the organization that we are and our children would not have the support they need. 

If you are able to volunteer, please contact us using the form below.

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